Tenders are invited from interested and eligible bidders for supply and delivery of goods and provision of services for the following categories in the financial year 1ST July 2024. – 30TH June 2025

1MKGHS/1/2025Supply and Delivery of Lab Chemicals and EquipmentsOpen
2MKGHS/2/2025Supply and delivery of General  StationeryOpen
3MKGHS/3/2025Supply and Delivery of Printed exercise booksOpen
4MKGHS/4/2025Supply and delivery of Perishable foods –vegetables(cabbages, tomatoes and onions)Open
5MKGHS/5/2025Supply and  delivery of  Hardware and Building materials,& Electricals requirementsOpen
6MKGHS/6/2025Supply and delivery of Firewood(Chopped)7 ton lorryOpen
7MKGHS/7/2025Supply and Delivery of Farm inputs & Animal feeds Open
8MKGHS/8/2025Supply and delivery of  fresh MilkOpen
9MKGHS/9/2025Supply and delivery of Dry foods –e.g. maize and beansOpen
 MKGHS/10/2025Supply and delivery of Manufactured  food(Rice, cooking fat, baking flourOpen
10MKGHS/11/2025Supply and delivery of Fruits (oranges)Open
11MKGHS/12/2025Supply and delivery of EggsOpen
12MKGHS/13/2025Supply and delivery of Packeted milk (fresh)for students 200mlOpen
 MKGHS/14/2025Supply and delivery of Non-teaching staff and prefects uniforms/band uniforms and Security boots and gumboots.Curtains,and T-shirtsOpen
13MKGHS/15/2025Supply and delivery of MeatOpen
14MKGHS/16/2025Supply and delivery of Chlorine and Aluminum Sulphate  for water treatmentOpen
15MKGHS/17/2025Supply and delivery of Sports and games equipmentOpen
16MKGHS/18/2025Supply and delivery of copy printer masters/ ink and printer tonners and computer accessoriesOpen
17MKGHS/19/2025Supply and delivery of NewspapersOpen
18MKGHS/20/2025sanatorium drugsOpen
19MKGHS/21/2025Repair and maintenance of printers and photocopiers, projectors and computersOpen
20MKGHS/22/2025Repair and maintenance of sewing machinesOpen
21MKGHS/23/2025Repair of furniture e.g. desks, chairs and bedsOpen
22MKGHS/24/2025Provision of comprehensive insurance cover (Buses)Open
23MKGHS/25/2025Provision of comprehensive insurance cover (Facilities)Open
24MKGHS/26/2025Provision of  School  buses Service & Maintenance Open
24MKGHS/27/2025Maintenance and servicing of  Fire extinguishersOpen
25MKGHS/28/2025Provision of Exhauster servicesOpen
26MKGHS/29/2025Service and Maintenance of CCTV camerasOpen
27MKGHS/30/2025Service and Maintenance of Kitchen equipmentsOpen
28MKGHS/31/2025Movement of goods and other servicesOpen
29MKGHS/32/2025Maintenance and service of Music InstrumentsOpen
30MKGHS/33/2025Prequalification for masonry ,painting  and carpentry, and other generals servicesOpen
32MKGHS/35/2025Repairs(General)Cracks, pavementsOpen
33MKGHS/36/2025Maintenance of SoftwaresOpen
34MKGHS/37/2025Exams and General  printingOpen
35MKGHS/38/2025Internet for School and school websiteOpen
36MKGHS/39/2025Service of posho millOpen
37MKGHS/40/2025Provision of fuel for school busesOpen

Tender documents can be obtained upon payment of non-refundable fee of kshs 1,000 per set from Bursar’s office during normal working hours. Completed documents in plain sealed envelopes marked ‘’Tender Number ……….’’ Should be sent to the undersigned on or before …4/07/2024…opening will be on the same day at 10.00 am, Tender list can be accessed through the website Http//www.moikapsowargirls.sc.ke- NB: Reserved items are for (Youth, Women, and PWD) Prices should be inclusive of tax for 1 year

Senior Principal /Secretary Bom

Moi Kapsowar Girls High School -Box 26 -30705 Kapsowar