We have more than 20 clubs and 4 societies. Clubs and societies are very crucial to the girls as this is an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents in clubs like Art and Design, Drawing and also clubs like Journalism who read news every Monday and Friday and during school events, we also have the school band which has been a source of entertainment at county functions, school functions and they have been representing the school in the music competitions up to the national level. There are other clubs like St. Johns and Scouts which provide first aid services whenever we have competitions in Co-curricular activities. Music club also has been representing the school in music competition. It has contributed to placing our name as a school in the map when they became champions in the 2023 music festivals. There are other active clubs like Drama, Debate, Environmental club, Agriculture, 4k Club, Aviation, Photography and Videography, Integrity, The President’s Award, Entertainment, Dance Club, Young Doctors, Maths club, Business Club. As a result of the cooperation from our girls, the Writer’s Club has made a

breakthrough in the publication of this Magazine. I wish to congratu-

late them on this achievement. We have Christian Union, Young Christian Society, Seventh Day Adventists and Muslim Community being the societies. They help give the girls a sense of belonging and a source if interaction.

Sanga Jael

HOD Clubs and Societies