This department comprises of three subjects: chemistry, biology and physics. In our school biology and chemistry are compulsory while physics is elective at form two level

The department is privileged to have three laboratories where learners engage in practical activities during lessons and over the weekends.

Members of our department are committed and they believe in team spirit. Teachers work in collectively to strengthen science in the school so as produce learners who are innova- tive. We encourage, mentor and guide girls to participate and compete in the annual science and engineering fair to showcase their creativity and innovation. As a department we are grateful for the encouragement and support offered to us by the administration Members of the department:


Perez Hoyt (HOS)

Lagat Brian Kiptoon Samantha Lagat Brian Monica Koech Cynthia Rono BIOLOGY

Tuitoek Enock (HOS) Koech Elisha.

Kipchumba Evelyne Komen Geoffrey Kabogor Jane

Bett Beatrice


Tarus Hillary(HOS) Lagat Brian Kabellow Edwin Kibet Kaino