Moi Kapsowar Girls’ High School has a vibrant welfare where all the teachers are members. The group has a clear constitu- tion that captures membership fees and areas to be addressed. The officials are elected to serve for two years in office.

All members receive commendable support during graduations, pre-wed- dings, weddings, funerals, childbirth and visitations when taken ill. This welfare keeps the teachers together and brings out the truth of the statement ‘BE YOUR BROTHER’S KEEPER.’ We are grateful to the administration for their constant support.

This is a welfare for students where they are encouraged to always think of the needy and vulnerable in their midst. They also contribute towards the support of their schoolmates in case of a death of a member of the nuclear family.

The teacher in charge is assisted by two members of the students’ council who make sure that welfare issues concerning the students are well articulated and reported immediately for action. Our scholarship students are not left behind. We provide mentorship and support in conjunction with the respective sponsors.

Mediatrix Anyika