To be centre of academic excellence.


To inculcate positive attitudes and values towards being a centre of academic excellence in Kenya through effective management and partnership.


‘Strive to excel’


 In order to successfully implement this plan, and ensure the realization of its objectives, the school will inculcate values and cultures that will enhance excellence and outstanding character in achieving the mission and vision of the school through the following core values;

  • Inclusiveness, respect for diversity of ideas and peoples’ cultures.
  • Cohesiveness and team work
  • Accountability & transparency
  • Honesty, integrity and mutual respect.
  • Excellence in teaching
  • Creativity and inattentiveness among its staff and students.
  • Fair competition amongst students.
  • Upholding the school’s ‘motto’ of striving to excel by focusing on the individual student.



  • To provide quality education resources to enable every student achieve above C+ grade
  • To reinforce and improve students safety and well being
  • To develop and promote positive behaviors and attitudes
  • To provide student centered stimulating learning environment
  • To improve transition process and student retention
  • To nurture students’ spiritual growth
  • To avail and manage quality facilities and infrastructure for effective learning
  • Guarantee the school’s growth through sound management and public accountability
  • To be self sufficient in provision of vegetables, milk, fruits among others
  • To promote and sustain a focused management team for realization of the set out objectives.
  • To partner with other well performing schools as a means of improvement of school performance
  • To follow proper tender and procurement rules as required by the government
  • To develop a good working relationship between teachers, students and non-teaching staff through sports and welfare.





In implementing this strategic plan, Moi Kapsowar Girl’s secondary school will be guided and informed by the following principles;

  • Defined school environment that inspires and educates.
  • Flexibility and dynamism
  • Strict adherence to the school’s admission policies
  • Maximization of learning outcome assessments