Historical background

Moi Kapsowar Girls High School has a very rich background. The school is founded on strong Christian Principals. It is a public girl’s school sponsored by the African Inland church(AIC)

It is located within Kapsowar Town, Kapsowar Location, Marakwet West Sub-county in Elgeiyo Marakwet County.

The concept of starting a girls school in Kapsowar dates back to the 1930’s with the coming of missionaries. The missionaries established the Kapsowar  Mission Hospital and were able to provide refuge to girls who were fleeing FGM and early marriages within the region as from 1939. The girls would later go back to their communities. The girl’s refuge centre “Kaptibin” later closed in late 1960’s.

The church council of that time borrowed the concept of the refuge centre “Kaptibin” and proposed the start of a girls school in 1969. Thanks to the elders church, council Daudi Kisang, Job Kibor, Isaiah Cheptoo, Amos Ketch, Rev. Sammy Cheserek & Dr. Linsey for leaving a great legacy. During that period 1969-1970, there was already a primary school and a school for boys within the mission centre. The boys were later relocated to Chebara secondary school.

In 1971, the girls secondary was established and enrolled 37 girls. Some of the pioneers girls include Veronica Suter (former Principal Kapsowar girls 1987-1993) Maria Kangogo (retired teacher), Truphena Yego (MCA) Zena Cheruiyot, Maria Ezekiel, Martha Chebon (Baringo) Esther Kuto. The first principal was Barbara Laberty(1972-1973)

In 1989 the late president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi accepted the school be bear his name. The school then becomes Moi Kapsowar Girls Secondary School. In 2012, the school was elevated to a national school. It is currently called Moi Kapsowar Girls High school.

Currently the school is home to about 1300 students drawn from all the 47 counties. It is registered as 7 streamed with 38 TSC teachers, 18 BOM teachers and 42 members of the Non-teaching staff The school has been progressing well academically with a mean of 7.2 in the 2021 KCSE from 5.1 in 2018. The school has permanent infrastructure though inadequate. It is connected to a good roads (tarmac) water and electricity.